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The Artist

For Rycor Conroy his passion for art is about the freedom within the creative process. He is self-taught and self-inspired. While visual art is his main focus, he is also a guitar player and songwriter whose musical influences inspire his paintings.

Rycor’s passion for drawing and painting started early. A 3rd grade report card notes how he needed to do “less drawing and more school work.”  By high school his classmates would continually bug him throughout the day to draw them pictures, so often that is what he was doing in study hall. 

Throughout the years art has been the rock of Rycor's life. Creating is very therapeutic for him. He finds solace and great satisfaction in conceptualizing designs and executing the images. 

Rycor works with acrylics, mostly airbrushing. He also paints with brushes and uses pen and inks as well as other mediums.

In addition to wall hung art on paper and canvas, Rycor will design on anything that will take paint from helmets, guitars, gas tanks, panniers, mail boxes, anything that takes paint and much more.

In 2018, Rycor founded Awkward Art Studios and expanded with equipment that now enables him to create custom decals and heat press images for things like mugs and hats.

"I love to be totally original. If someone wants me to do flowers and butterflies, I can do that, but in my mind there is a monster off to the side waiting to attack them as I am drawing. When I’m in my zone everything around me goes black and I only see what I am focusing on. Even sound fades. “

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